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Neural Engineering

Early exploration of neural systems focused on understanding how neural systems work at the cellular, tissue, and system levels, and engineering methodologies were developed to detect, process, and model these neural signals. Recently, tremendous progress has been made in the field of neural engineering, not only understanding the mechanism, detection, and processing of the neural signals, but also on restoring the impaired neural systems functions and interfacing the neural systems with artificial devices and machines.

1. Purpose of research

The aim of Neural Engineering Team is to Develop Neurotechnology for Restoration & Augmentation of Human Functions via Interaction between Nervous System and Artificial Devices.

The Major Two Topics are Rewiring the Brain and Develop Next-generation Deep Brain Stimulator.

Focus in
Understanding the Coding and Processing of Information in the Brain
Quantifying how the Coding and Processing are altered in the Pathological State
Developing NeuroTech including Brain Interfaces with Artificial Devices

2. Details of the research
  • Animal Models and Neural Stem Cell Culture
  • Neural Recording and Stimulation in vitro & in vivo
  • Multichannel Neural Signal Processing and Analysis in vitro & in vivo
  • Mechanism and Plasticity in vitro & in vivo
  • Neural Feedback Algorithm and System with DSP chips